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1 مايو 2022

Words about friendship There are no letters and phrases about what describes this word and its meaning, which is valued only by a loyal friend, especially since it is one of the best social relationships that you can rely on in many situations, especially in the time of distress, which is one of the most times when the metal of true friendship appears from The counterfeit that is built to achieve personal interests, and as for friendship as a noun, it is derived from the adjective honesty, i.e. telling the truth and honesty in speech, and this is what made it a precious relationship that affects us if we lose a dear friend or deceive one of us in his friends.

Beautiful words about friendship

There are many words that express friendship, but we need to be aware and understand what it refers to, and what is the message that you want to convey to us, especially since in our time many people have become using friendship as a mask to achieve personal purposes and as soon as it ends they disappear around you, and this What made friendship is a rare relationship that we must have with the person who deserves it, the person who loves you for yourself and your soul and remains supportive and stands by you at all times.

He is the person you find with you in the harsh and difficult circumstances you are going through if you need him, this is the true friendship we are talking about, and this is also the meaning of a true friend that we should look for, and we must always remember that it is a classy social relationship and a wonderful human relationship as well It must be preserved.

There are words about friendship that have been said such as:

  • Friendship means a lot to me. It comes to me in the rank of love, because friendship is like love, breaking the isolation of the heart, and destroying the frost of alienation.
  • Friendship is like money, easier to gain than to maintain.
  • I respect friendship, and its feelings may outweigh love.. but on the condition that we start as friends.. because it is difficult to be lovers and the journey ends with us to the shores of friendship..
  • It is easy for friendship to turn into love..but it is difficult for love to turn into friendship..love is the ruler of selfishness..and friendship is an oasis where everyone meets.
  • Omar Ibn Al-Khattab: You have to be brothers of honesty, so live in their midst, for they are an adornment in prosperity and a tool in affliction.
  • Some friends are classy and elegant souls who make you satisfied with them over hundreds of friends.
  • Thank you to the friends who perceive the tone of pain in our voices and our silence. They do not discuss us, but search for things that make us happy and bring joy to our souls.
  • When it hurts to look at the past, and you are afraid of what will happen in the future, look to your side, and your soulmate will be there to support you.
  • The uglier we are in the eyes of others, the more wonderful we will be for each other, and that has always been my firm belief in friendship.
  • If two of your friends quarrel, do not judge between them, lest you lose one of them, and if two of your enemies quarrel, judge between them, because you will win one of them.
  • There is no word to describe what it means to meet an old friend. Everyone hears what you say, friends listen to what you say, and best friends listen to what you don’t say.

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Words about friendship and brotherhood

words about friendship

There are some friendship relationships between humans that make you think that they are brothers and not friends, and the reason for this honesty and true love and appreciation of the meaning of friendship, and this is what made it a strong and successful relationship because it was not built on benefit or personal interest as often happens, but it was built on a strong and solid foundation And it is that the friend supports and supports in adversity and sorrows before weddings.

He is the person who does not run away from his friend in the middle of the road, and these beautiful meanings are no longer found among us because interests have overcome human feelings, and the friendship relationship has become like any commodity that can be bought with money as some think, but this is a wrong interpretation because it is one of the valuable things that cannot be None of us appreciate it for money.

These are words about friendship that express that precious relationship:

  • Friendship is not to stay with a friend for a longer time, but rather to stay on the covenant even if the distances are long or short.
  • True friendship is a white flower that grows in the heart, blooms in the heart, but does not wither.
  • Those who are confident of true friendship are not confused by moments of contention, but smile when they part, because they know that they will return soon.
  • There are those whose presence in your life is a milestone, and there are those who are an empty sign, so choose a true friend, and beware of fake friendship.
  • True friendship, love and faith.
  • True friendship is a word that you let loose in your imagination, perhaps you reach a sea that has no end, a word you always dream of, wish for, and yearn to achieve, its letters are not all letters.
  • Don’t call everyone passing by the name friendship, so that you don’t say one day: Friends change.
  • Friendship is a very precious word, not said to everyone.
  • And know that I raise the ranks of friendship to two levels: patience with a friend when his nature overpowers him, and he offends you, then your patience with this patience when you overcome your nature so that you do not offend him.
  • The meaning of friendship is that I automatically see you worthy of entrusting you with a portion of my dignity.
  • Friendship is the other, not shining, side of love, but the one that never rusts.
  • It is nice to start friendship with a smile, and the most beautiful to end with a smile.
  • True friendship, the most beautiful and purest face of life.
  • Friendship doubles your happiness, and decreases your sadness.

short words about friendship

We must appreciate the meaning of true friendship that we cannot have in this world because matter has become more controlled by feelings and relationships between humans and each other, and we all became one of us with fears of forming a new friendship relationship with colleagues at work or study, and the reason for this is doubt From being a false relationship based on the exchange of benefits only and not intended for the person to know himself or his person.

Wherever friendship is found, there is happiness and joy because it is one of the natural relations that you find in every society that surrounds us, and if we say that society is based on a set of relationships such as family, marital or brotherly relations, we find that friendship is one of them that cannot be ignored or recognized that it has become non-existent or that it ephemeral, and among the words he wrote about friendship:

  • Friendship is the other side that is not the shining face of love, but it is the face that does not rust. Friendship is a bird without wings.
  • A true friend is the one you are with, just as you are alone.
  • Friendship is not weighed by a scale, nor is it valued, so it is a must for every human being.
  • Friendship is more life than love, and do not be afraid of the obsession of turning friendship into love.
  • The fruits of the earth are reaped every season, but the fruits of friendship are reaped every moment.
  • True friendship is like good health, its value is known only when it is lost.
  • Friendship is the only roses that are thorns in them.
  • Friendship is true when you express a feeling inside of you and the other person says so do I.
  • Our friendship is our soul. A good friend, a useful book, and a calm conscience, it is the perfect life. A friend’s frown is better than a fool’s smile.

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Judgment and words about friendship

words about friendship

We must understand everything that the true meaning of friendship indicates so that we can appreciate its importance to the individual and society in general, and it must be recognized that it is an indispensable social relationship, a world with its own charm and principles that govern it, and despite the number of people you find around you But it is difficult to say that all of them are your friends, because true friendship is not valued in number, but it is valued in situations and support in crises more than in times of joy and happiness.

We must understand that a loyal friend is the one you always find who supports the bonds of friendship between you and does not leave your hand no matter what happens, but whoever leaves you alone in the midst of the storm and escapes, know that his friendship is fake and does not deserve the title of a friend from you, and these are words about friendship written in gold water:

  • Reading your sorrows from your face is the way to start a perfect and lasting friendship.
  • Friendship is a spiritual interaction par excellence and a balanced rational dialogue that brings man into a strong and close relationship with the one who becomes your true mirror.
  • It is very difficult to explain the meaning of friendship, it is not something you can learn in schools, and if you have not learned the true meaning of friendship, you have not learned anything.
  • A friend is the one who guides you to yourself, searches in you for your true beauty, and corrects your mistakes and mistakes, because he wants what is best for you.
  • Friendship is a word that you let loose in your imagination, perhaps you reach an endless sea, a word you always dream of, wish and yearn to achieve.
  • Friendship is like an umbrella, the more it rains, the more it is needed.
  • A friend is part of the family.
  • Friendship does not disappear as the sun sets, friendship does not melt as snow melts, friendship does not die unless love dies.
  • A true friend is someone who is by your side when the whole world is gone.
  • A true friend is the one who accepts your excuse and forgives you if you make a mistake, and plugs the plug in your absence.
  • A true friend is the one who reminds you of God Almighty, and helps you to gain His approval.
  • If you have a lot of money, you are rich, but if you have loyal friends, you are rich himself.

Beautiful words about friendship

Many of us want to find the right person who we can make a friend of and have a strong friendship with him, and it must be based on love, honesty, respect and loyalty and not be intended for interest or the pursuit of personal ambitions, and this is one of the most important conditions that you can establish A strong friendship relationship that lasts for years, but we must bear in mind that it may end for any reason, but all we have to do is maintain and support it and address its shortcomings. These are the meanings that talk about true friendship that Each of us wishes to have it at the present time, and by searching, you will find that the presence of a friend around you is one of the elements of safety that makes you able to face the difficulties that pass you by.

Among the words that were written about friendship:

  • My mother always tells me that wealth is not measured by money, but by friends, and you will certainly be happy to meet you and see how rich you became with your friendship.
  • I’m glad friendship doesn’t come with a price, and if it did, I wouldn’t be able to collect the price of a wonderful person like you
  • A friend is beautiful if he is new, more beautiful if he is sincere, and more beautiful if he is you.
  • It’s easy to earn a penny, but hard to find a friend.. A shark can’t, but a friend can.
  • A smile makes you look younger..prayers make us feel stronger..friends make us enjoy life forever.
  • Friendship is a palace whose key is loyalty.. its nourishment is hope.. and its fruits are happiness.
  • Friendship is measured by the sincerity of situations, not by the length of years.
  • Friendship after love is evidence that one of the parties is not convinced of the idea of ​​parting.
  • A candle can light an entire room.. and a true friend lights an entire life..Thank you for the rays of your friendship.
  • Friendship is one of the most important necessities of life and the greatest of human necessities.
  • The truth is that everyone can hurt you, but there is only one person who appreciates your suffering and that is a friend.

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Phrases and words about friendship

words about friendship

Some of the written phrases and words about friendship express what we cannot say about this wonderful human and social relationship. They carry many tender feelings such as love, appreciation and sincerity, because a true loyal friend is the one who loves you from his heart sincerely without waiting for you in return. He supports his friend in all the harsh challenges he faces, and tries to help him overcome them, no matter how difficult they are. Here you find the meaning of the meaning of friendship. These things show us how important this relationship is in human life, and despite the presence of many social relationships, they are considered It is unique in every way, and this is the real reason why man searches for it because he appreciated the importance of friend and friendship.

These are words about friendship that show how valuable that wonderful relationship is:

  • Friendship does not disappear as the sun sets, friendship does not melt as snow melts, and friendship does not die unless love dies.
  • Friendship is like an umbrella, the more it rains, the more it is needed.
  • Friendship is a sea of ​​life, we board his boat and descend its waves.
  • Friendship is a land planted with love and irrigated with water of affection.
  • Friendship is a garden and its response is brotherhood, and its nectar is cooperation.
  • Friendship is a tree whose roots are loyalty, its branches are affection, and its fruits are communication.
  • Friendship is affection and faith.
  • Friendship is a dream and an entity that resides in the conscience.
  • True friendship is like the relationship between the eye and the hand: if the hand hurts, the eye tears, and if the eye tears, the hand wipes it.
  • Friendship is not staying with a friend for a longer time, friendship is to stay on the covenant even if the distances are long or short.
  • True friendship is like parallel lines, they never meet except when interests float to the surface, then they lose their parallel and intersect.

Finally, we can say that friendship is a human and social relationship based on respect and mutual trust between human beings, and if these factors are lost, it can be said that it was not friendship but a personal interest, and a person must be aware that relationships based on cheating have a fragile and weak foundation that shakes and falls with exposure to any crisis. But true friendship is a relationship with strong ties because it is not based on self-love.

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