نموذج طلب إعادة خدمة عسكرية 1443

19 يوليو 2022

There are various formulations of the Military Service Re-Service Form 1443, but they all agree that they are justification requests for the occurrence of one of the things that would be subject to dismissal from the military service in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and based on that great importance in the military discipline, the formal application of the military rules of discipline and commitment to the rule of law. To restore service according to specific conditions after reviewing the case, and through the reference website, we shed light on that case and review the method of returning military service 1443 and the application forms for military service reinstatement 1443.

Military service in Saudi Arabia 1443

Military service in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the important fields of work that is based on a wide number of sensitive issues at all levels, as there are many fields of affiliation to the ranks of the military institutions and there are many courses of work in them, but they are all subject to a number of rules and regulations that are organized through Governmental bodies in the Council of Ministers, according to the military service system for individuals and the military service system for officers in Saudi Arabia, and these rules are based on regulating all paths of the military life of the volunteer in service to the country. To the military service and other basic matters such as salaries, annual bonuses, admission requirements, military promotion rules, and others, where we talk through our current article about the forms that can be sent to the competent authorities in the event that the military is exposed to one of the paragraphs that require the military authorities to take a decision to dismiss, through the next few lines.[1]

Cases of military dismissal from his job in Saudi Arabia

The military command takes the decision to dismiss the individual soldiers in specific cases stipulated in the regulations governing the service of individuals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it came to include the following categories:

  • A military individual is dismissed if he misuses the military position and the authority that this position entails.
  • The decision to dismiss is taken in the event that the military person offends the military administration to which he is accustomed to loyalty.
  • Military personnel are dismissed when they are found to be involved in embezzlement or desertion.
  • In the event that the military personnel carry out military equipment and preparations for matters that have no military purpose and without permission from the leadership.
  • In the event that the military person commits the crime of bribery or forgery.
  • The decision shall be effected if the military person falls into one of the false accusations, or if it is proven that he perpetrated false testimony.
  • Dismissal from service occurs if the military neglects his job duties or fails to perform one of the tasks entrusted to him.
  • The decision to dismiss is taken if the military has left his job for a period of more than a month without justified permission.
  • If the military does any of the things that are classified under the heading of assaulting princes or military personnel.
  • In the event that the military person commits violating acts that would affect his dignity or his military rank.
  • The military is dismissed if the administrative authorities prove that he obtained military honors unlawfully, and by following falsehood and forgery.
  • The dismissal takes place if the Saudi military person is exposed to the armed forces or an official of the Saudi government.
  • If the military person commits any of the behaviors that are classified as inappropriate.
  • In the event that the military person clearly neglects his duties towards the military job.
  • When the soldier is in clear violation of any of the instructions he received directly.

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Military Service Re-Service Form 1443

The military individual who has been subjected to the decision of dismissal from military service must take the initiative to address the special authorities responsible for the matter and attach a letter containing a comprehensive statement attached with documents proving the military’s status in Cairo. The most prominent examples are as follows:

First Military Service Re-request Form 1443

The following form can be quoted to be sent to the concerned authorities, after attaching all the documents confirming the military’s circumstances, as follows:

May the peace, blessings, and mercy of God be upon you

Mr. Director-General /

A salute of appreciation and homage to your Excellency.

I am the soldier who bears the number………. I work in the field of ………. And follow the command of the squad /

I had been absent for a long time from work, which resulted in my dismissal from the service, but this absence was for a reason beyond my control already. My brothers who are able to do so, given their young age, and I have attached to this letter all the official documents that confirm the situation that forced me to do so, and I am satisfied with the decree and wisdom of God, and I look forward to your pardon until I am returned to the work that I love and desire so much.

Peace, mercy and blessings of God.

Second Military Service Re-request Form 1443

The following form contains a request for forgiveness to reconsider the decision to dismiss the military person, and it is sent with reports and official papers confirming his information, as follows:

May the peace, blessings, and mercy of God be upon you

Mr. Director-General /

A salute of appreciation and homage to your Excellency either.

I am the military………. I work in the field of ………. under the leadership of Mr.

I am sending you a request for mercy, and I hope that you will be able to hear my simple voice. The previous period was one of the most difficult stages of my life, as I had a traffic accident on today’s date ……/…./…… and accordingly I was transferred to the medical center in the city of ……… This accident resulted in me sustaining a number of injuries, and the residence was imposed on me for a long period, until I was able to leave my health condition and return to my work, only to find that I was dismissed due to my prolonged absence. medical Center …….

Peace, mercy and blessings of God..

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The most prominent types of military sanctions in Saudi Arabia

The military systems contain a wide number of penalties that are appropriate for each case. The following list shows us the dependence of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the provisions of Islamic Sharia in the punishments against everyone, where the most prominent of those penalties were:

  • The greater punishment, which is the execution of the sentence of death.
  • The second punishment is the execution of the sentence by crucifixion.
  • The third punishment is flogging.
  • Punishment to cut off the hands and feet from the opposite.
  • The penalty of life exile, and it can be outside Saudi Arabia or inside Saudi Arabia, according to specific rules and conditions.
  • The penalty of life dismissal from work in any of the jobs that work in the military system.
  • A decision was taken to temporarily dismiss him from a military job.
  • The penalty of imprisonment in military prisons, which can reach a sentence of 15 years.
  • Punishment for cracking or what is known as a military demotion.
  • The penalty for paying fines.
  • Penalty for deduction of percentages from the military’s salary with a specified number of months.
  • Deciding to deprive the military of military rights and privileges.
  • The penalty for depriving the Saudi officer of a specified monthly salary.
  • The penalty of deprivation of military pensions, which continues after demobilization.
  • Penalty of deprivation of compensation for leave due to the military personnel.

How to return to military service 1443

A soldier who has been dismissed from military service for reasons explained in the regulations governing work paths for individuals may return to service in one of the following ways:

By submitting an electronic request to restore military service 1443

It is one of the ways that fits with cases of dismissal from service that are in line with military trials, where the military can initiate a request for reconsideration or a request for a petition, whose steps are conducted according to the following:[2]

  • Go to the official website of the unified national access portal “from here” directly.
    • Then we go through the procedures of logging in to the official website, by entering the username and password.
    • Then click on the option to log in.
  • Clicking on the “Issues” option located in the main page options.
  • Determining the service (Petition and Reconsideration) from the options of the cases presented.
  • Going to the issue related to the person involved, after the military searches for it well.
  • Submit a request for reconsideration, after attaching the personal documents that help.
  • Click on Agree, and wait for the court’s ruling to review.

By raising the offer to restore military service 1443

It is one of the important steps in restoring service for extenuating reasons, as the dismissed soldier explains the circumstances of the incident that led him to the reason that led to the dismissal from the military job in a clear manner through a request for mercy or what is known as an offer to restore military service for those responsible for the decision The decision is made by looking into the matter and adopting the justifications contained therein, after making sure that all the conditions governing the return have been passed, the most prominent of which are:

  • It is necessary that the military be of Saudi nationality and upbringing, as all separated Saudis who grew up abroad with one of their parents while he was performing an official job for the state abroad are excluded from admission.
  • The military is required to have a clean criminal record and free from any legal ruling or significant legal ruling.
  • A condition that the military enjoys authority and a good reputation, provided that it is accompanied by good behavior.
  • The dismissal must not have been repeated more than once during the military service.
  • All special criteria must apply to him, including that the military be qualified to perform military service again.

Conditions of Saudi law regarding the return of military service 1443

A military person who has been dismissed from service must pass a number of conditions that were announced in the personnel service system in force according to the latest government updates, and they are as follows:

  • Organizing the return of the dismissed military to his service in the event of a need for his presence.
  • The dismissed military must be below the official retirement age by at least two years, at the very least.
  • It is necessary that the military returned to military service after the dismissal has fulfilled the condition that he possesses the nationality of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the condition of being born on its lands, whereby an exception will be made for the return of all dismissed military personnel who grew up abroad with one of their parents while performing any of the government’s governmental functions.
  • The authorities will not return a soldier who has been dismissed more than once, according to the rules of the applicable constitution in paragraph (f) of Article (59).

Application form for return to military service for the Crown Prince

His Highness Prince Muhammad bin Salman listens to citizens’ requests through a wide number of communication windows that he made available to the people. The dismissed soldier can send a request to re-work in the military service by the dismissed soldier after explaining the reasons with official documents. The following exhibit can be used:

May the peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you, Your Highness, the Crown Prince/ Muhammad bin Salman – may God protect you and your care –

I present to you this proposal in which I hope from God Almighty that it be accepted, and that your heart expand to read what is in it.

And here I am, Your Highness, the Prince, I request your clemency to pardon and allow you to address the concerned authorities to retract the decision to dismiss me from my field of work in the service of this pure country, which was due to circumstances beyond my control and my ability to refuse, which I was weaker than going through except with more losses. and calamities, so I continue to ask God Almighty to subjugate me to those who will bring me back to my work, so that He may inspire me to you.

I hope that Your Highness will concede to consider this humble request to be a reason for God’s mercy on the servants, and praise be to God for this and in all cases, do not forget us from the grace of your kindness.

May God preserve your Highness for the homeland and everyone and make you an asset to us.

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Conditions for requesting the addition of military service

It is one of the rights guaranteed by the military system, where the dismissed person who has been returned to service must submit a request to combine the previous period of his service with the subsequent period as well, based on a set of conditions, namely:

  • It is required that the period between service and reappointment not exceed five years.
  • It is necessary that the reason for his separation from work is not due to a moral reason or to the commission of a crime, but rather the reason should be limited to delay and other extenuating matters.
  • It is important that a soldier who is returned to his military service pays all his retirement contributions, and that he is not deprived of receiving an end-of-service gratuity.

Here we bring you to the conclusion of our article in which we dealt with the military re-service request form 1443 and moved with the lines and paragraphs of the article to present an overview of the military service regulations for individuals and requests for military re-service requests to conclude with the re-service request form for the Crown Prince, and the conditions for adding the military service period.

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